Is It Possible to Beat a Pokie Machine?

Pokie machines are found in every land and online casino and these games are great for casual players and those that like to spin the reels. With hundreds of game selections, pokie fans will always be pleased with the offering of games and they can generate some amazing payouts when luck is on their side. Pokie games are games of chance, so there are no strategies that can be employed to alter the outcome of the game. This means that there is really no guaranteed way to beat a pokie machine when playing for real money.

Pokie games that are found at online casinos are all controlled by a random number generator. This is a computerised component that yields random results of every spin of the game. Since this is used, there is absolutely nothing a player can do to control the outcome of the spins, leaving these games those of chance and luck. While online pokies do offer the capability of collecting large wins at times, those that like to use strategy and have control over a casino game will not benefit from playing pokie machines. For more information check out our pokie tips page How to Beat a Pokie Machine

There are some things that players can do to select a game that will offer the best chances to win. Most online casinos will audit all game titles and this will present a verified payout rate. The best way to be a winner is to choose games that have the highest return to player percentages, as they can offer frequent wins, even if for small amounts. It will also be beneficial to choose games that have multiple bonus rounds, as these are where most of the game payouts will be achieved.

Aside from choosing the right game, there is nothing else players can do to beat a pokie machine. These games have predetermined results and there is no way for players to predict whether a certain game will produce winning spins or not.

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