The Transformers pokie game is an innovative online video pokie machine from International Game Technology (IGT). The game is based on the immensely popular cartoon series of the same name. Older gamers might recognize the game’s Autobot and Decepticon characters from their childhood, however now also a popular movie franchise. It consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines. Players can get the chance to do battle as Autobots or their arch nemesis, the Decepticons in a unique free spin feature. Other than that, the Transformers pokie also includes three different wild symbols.

The Bonus Feature

This pokie has a number of different bonuses and jackpots. It has an Ultimate Payback bonus that allows players to win up to 100 free spins. It is triggered when a player happens to obtain a bonus symbol on the first and fifth reels. The free spin feature in this online IGT pokie machine  sees the protagonist, Optimus Prime and the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron square off under the reels. Players are supposed to bet which character will emerge victorious in this epic battle. Players can earn a lot of cash if they are successful in predicting the winner.

The two robots will engage in combat if the “fight” symbol appears during the free spin on the fifth reel. Each of them comes with three lives. The bonus feature will end when either of the two manages to lose all of its lives. Gamers can get their hands on huge payouts worth up to 3,250 credits if their chosen robot is victorious.


Pay Table

This game from IGT pokies online also comes with stunning artwork and dramatic sound effects from the popular series itself. It is jam packed with recognizable characters like Bumblebee, Jazz and Starscream. It also includes video clips of each transformer.  Players get to hear Megatron’s twisted plans, Starscream’s frantic hollers and Optimus Prime’s sage wisdom as they play.

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