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Following the wildly successful Avalon, which was released in 2006, the new Avalon 2 Pokie has finally arrived in Australia and New Zealand. It builds upon the story line started in the original Avalon and takes you on an epic quest to win the Holy Grail.

Betting Limits

The new Avalon 2 Pokie allows you to bet a variety of different amounts. You can bet as little as 30 cents per spin, or you can bet all the way up to $7.50 per spin. You can bet 30 credits all ways, and up to 5 credits per way. You can even play free online.


Your favorite characters from Avalon are back in Avalon 2. You can expect to King Arthur, Guinevere, Morgan, Merlin the Magician, Arthur's half sister and the Black Knight. Arthur's half-sister always

seems to be up to no good in the game. The Black Knight is a dark, cloudy figure you have to take down in order to win the biggest prize in the game.

Eight Unique Bonus Rounds

The makers of Avalon 2 really tried to engage game players with eight different bonus rounds you get to play through. You have to complete all eight bonus rounds in order to find the Holy Grail. The eight bonus rounds are:

  • The Lake of Legend
  • The Misty Vale
  • The Whispering Woods
  • The Forest Falls
  • The Dusky Moors
  • Morgan's Keep
  • The Hall of Shadows
  • The Isle of Avalon

In order to pass each round, you have to earn three or more Grail scatter symbols. If you earn three or more Grail scatter symbols, you will be able to move on with your quest for the ultimate prize. Each stage of the quest also offers its own unique prize as well.

If you loved Avalon, you are sure to enjoy the Avalon 2 Pokie and some online free play. The graphics and sound effects do not even compare to the original, they have advanced so much. Most of your favorite characters are back and looking better than ever in Avalon 2. The game developers even created eight unique bonus rounds, all with their own special features, to keep you entertained in your quest for the Grail. You can get a free download here of this new hit pokie game.

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