Progressive Pokies

How linked jackpots work

Chances are you have already played on a progressive jackpot and not realised.  Progressive pokies, or jackpots are linked games where a small amount from each be goes towards a bigger jackpot prize.  Often at your local pub there might be a $1000 linked jackpot, or at the casino you might be playing for a car or large amount.  This is a progressive jackpot.

The great thing about a progressive jackpot is you have a chance of really winning big.  They range anywhere from $800 to $100,000 and sometimes more.

Online progressive pokies are probably the most played form of casino games. Some of the larger casinos will have progressive jackpots that reach into the millions of dollars. If you are unfamiliar with progressive pokies, this article will explain all you need to know about them. From how they work and the different kinds available to play.

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How it works

The jackpot is made up by all the players who are playing that particular pokie. Every time someone puts a coin into that machine, a portion of that will go into the jackpot. This is where the term-progressive comes from.

Progressive means, to continually grow and this progressive pokie do. The jackpot grows every time someone plays it. Once the jackpot is hit, it will reset and start over again until someone hits again. The jackpot is won at random, however it's often set to trigger by a certain amount. Some pokies may be won in the bonus rounds. Progressive bonuses are little mini rounds that let you shoot for the progressive jackpot.

Tips for winning

Most progressive pokies will have certain stipulations in order to win the jackpot. Usually they require you to be playing all of the lines at a minimum. It can be a frustrating experience to hit the specified symbols for the jackpot and find out you dint win because you weren’t meeting the specifications.
If you are ever unsure, make sure to read the rules of the pokie before attempting to play.
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You will sometimes find pokies with varying size jackpots. The larger ones will be harder to hit while the smaller ones hit with more frequency. It’s nice to go for the massive prize but, these have very high odds and won’t pay out very often. The smaller jackpots pay out more often and you stand a much better chance of winning playing these.

This best tip is to find out what amount it has to be won by and just play when it's close to being won. So for example at my local pub there is a linked progressive jackpot. This has to be won between $800 and $1000.  It can be won randomly between these 2 amounts but has more chance when it gets higher.  So if you to your local and the jackpot is at $980, there is a good chance of winning it that night.

Playing progressive jackpots

The best thing you can do to win at online casino progressive pokies is to play them. If you aren’t playing them, you obviously can’t win. Start playing them now for your best chance to win and maybe, just maybe with a little luck, you will be the next big winner!

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