How to Read a Pokie Machine – Understanding How Pokies Work

How to Read the Pokies

How to read a pokie machineMany players make the mistake of assuming all pokie games are the same. It's importing to research how to read a pokie machine before entering a land based or online casino, they will see hundreds of games that are all played in the same manner. While these games may appear to be similar, they are set apart by the many features and enhancements that have been added. There is much information that can be found out about a pokie game that will assist players in determining if they should choose that particular game or select a different title.

Learning how to read a pokie machine will become a useful and beneficial tool. Since most players will enjoy playing a variety of game titles, they will need to know what to look for so they can be sure they are making the best possible decision, which is essential when playing for real money. Players will want to in and by reading a pokie game, they can find those games that provide the best winning opportunities.

Cost of Playing

One of the most important things to consider with pokies is the total cost to play the game. Most players will be drawn to the selection of video pokies, which will have multiple paylines. A bet on each line is required to have the maximum chances of winning. With online pokies, most games will allow the player to select from supported coin denominations. This will allow the player to always have control over their total wager and they can increase or decrease it at any time prior to a spin.

After selecting a denomination, players will have to pay close attention to the number of lines or the required minimum bet. With games that have ways to win, there is a set bet amount that must be placed to activate all ways to win. With standard payline games, players can select to play one to all of these, which will affect the cost of the spin.

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How to read pokie machine pay tables

As players place real money wagers. They will want to know how much they can win. One important step to reading a pokie machine is to examine the pay table that is offered. This will provide information on all possible payouts and winning combinations. By learning this information, players will know what symbols to watch for and which will offer the highest payouts in the game.

Every game will have different payouts and these will all be based on the number of coins that have been bet. If players play a single coin, they can expect the standard returns. However, if playing two, three or more coins per payline, the amounts on the pay table can be multiplied, so it is always best to place the maximum bet affordable when playing any pokie game.

Discovering the RTP

Every pokie game that is featured at an online casino will be controlled by a random number generator and will have a return to player percentage. When choosing games, players should compare this percentage and choose the game that has the highest RTP possible. While this will not guarantee players will walk away a winner, it will increase the chances of getting winning combinations frequently.

Reading the room and game placement

One of the best tips I was ever given when discovering How to read a pokie machine was looking at what other players are betting and which games they are playing on. If you have a local bar you play in keep an eye on the progressive jackpots. I like to play when it's getting close to being won, or just after it has been won. Some of my biggest wins excluding hitting a progressive jackpot have come 1-2 hours after a progressive has been won. If you think about this it makes sense, people have been pumping the machines full until the jackpot is won, then they tend to lose interest. Keep an eye on which machine was played aggressively and nothing was withdrawn from.

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