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How to Win Jackpots on Pokies - Pokie SecretsDiscover our best tips for How to Win Jackpots on Pokies. Lets face it there's no greater thrill than winning a jackpot when playing pokies, and with the many great online casinos operating, players will have access to some of the top paying games in the world. Winning a jackpot on a pokie is all about luck, but there are some things that players can look for that may increase the chance of collecting a massive jackpot prize.

If you're playing online the first thing players will have to do is create a real money account. Jackpots cannot be won without placing a wager on the game selected, so these games are only offered to those that have funds to use when wagering.

Watch Jackpot Meters

Whether you're playing online or in a bar or casino games that are linked to a progressive jackpot will always have a meter that will display the current jackpot amount. These amounts will increase as more players place their wagers, so when looking for games, watch for those that have growing jackpots. Jackpots are set to go off between figures. For example it might say jackpot must be won between $600 – $1200 or $100,000 to $200,000. Although it can be won at any point they are far more likely to be won at the higher end. If you see a jackpot that is near the higher side start playing on that group of games. While it is not always the best choice to choose the largest paying jackpot games, it is possible to win millions in payouts from just a single spin, so these games may be worth a few dollars and some time at the casino site.

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Pay Attention to Bet Amounts

The best way to win a progressive jackpot is to be able to extend the playing session and enjoy as many spins as possible. This will mean that players must have the budget to support Jackpot bets. Some games will require players to place a maximum bet amount in order to qualify for the jackpot. This can lead to the fast depletion of a bankroll, so make sure to understand the total cost of the game before making a selection.

There are some newer pokies that offer random progressive jackpots. These jackpots are for smaller amounts, but they can be won following any spin on the game, no matter what sized wager has been placed. These games are great for beginners or those with small budgets as they still have some great chances to cash in on a jackpot payout.

Know the Winning Combination

Before taking any spin, be sure to review the pay table and learn what is required to be a jackpot winner. Some games will have a specific winning combination that will be required. Other games will allow jackpots to be won by triggering bonus games, which is quite common when selecting video pokie games online. By knowing how the jackpot can be won, players can prepare for their pokie experience and know exactly what they are looking for.

Highest Paying Jackpots are Not Always Best

Many new pokie players who are looking for massive wins will immediately look for games that have the jackpot with the most amount of cash. There are games that can offer millions in rewards, but the highest paying game is not always the best choice. These games will attract many more players, diminishing the chances of winning.

The best bet is to choose a jackpot game that has a smaller mount and fewer players playing. In addition to the jackpot amount, players need to pay close attention to the pay table. Progressive jackpot pokies often have lower payouts in the base game than a standard pokie. Try choosing games that offer higher base rewards, even if this means playing for a smaller jackpot amount.

Pokie Tips – How to Win Jackpots on Pokies

Tip 1 – Watch the Jackpot Counters

Tip 2 – Learn when the Jackpots “must be won”

Tip 3 – Play when these figures are high

Tip 4 – Play within your budget

Tip 5 – Know the winning combination

Tip 6 – Learn about the Jackpots and don't just go for the highest possibility.

If you have tips on How to Win Jackpots on Pokies please feel free to share these with us.

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