How to Beat the Pokies

Understanding Pokie Machines – How to Beat the Pokies

How to beat the pokiesLearning How to Beat the Pokies is a loaded topic. There are no ways to hack them, or dirty little secrets to increase your odd given that he games use random number generators. Most players know that these are games of luck, but there are still some ways that one can improve their pokie session and walk away with more payouts. There is no proven system or strategy that can be applied when playing pokies that will guarantee a win at any time, but there are some simple things that players can do to place the odds in their favor.

Since pokies are designed to generate profits for the casino, players will find they often lose more than they win. This is why it is most important to have a budget and play for a certain amount of money with each session. Longer playing sessions will require a larger bankroll, so players need to prepare before they even select a game to play.

Choose the Right Casino

The chances of winning are often determined by the casino that has been chosen and the software that is being used. When choosing pokie games, it is best to stick with sites that use major providers. These include Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Playtech and RTG. Sites that use other software may have a nice selection of games, but the titles are not known to offer better payouts like the ones that have been mentioned.

Most online casinos will be audited on a regular basis and will publish the overall payout rate of the site as well as verified payout rates of each game title offered. When selecting a site, opt for those with the highest RTP and take time when choosing games, looking for those with the best possible chances to collect returns on wagers frequently.

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Choose High Variance Games

High variance pokies are those that offer less frequent lower payouts, but much higher overall win amounts. These games will require players to have a hefty bankroll as they will be wagering more per spin but the rewards can be much greater. In fact, plying just a few spins on a high variance game can offer much better returns than a longer playing session on a low variance game.

Avoid Switching Games Often

Many times, players will start playing a pokie and take a few spins that provide no payouts. They often get frustrated and will want to quickly switch to a different title. This is no the way to beat a pokie as you keep changing games. In saying that if you dont have a good feeling about a game by all means change games. Online pokie games offer an RTP that is paid out over a period of time, so the best way to win is to wait out a game and get in the most amount of spins. When playing video pokie games, playing longer will mean more chances to trigger the high paying bonus rounds, which is where most of the game winnings will be earned.

Pay Attention to Pay Tables

Far too often, new players choose games that are visually appealing or offer an attractive theme. True, one must be entertained to enjoy their pokie experience, but there is more to look for. Before choosing any game, compare the pay table with other titles. Try to find games that offer higher payouts for lower bet amounts. This may mean passing on a game that presents amazing graphics, but can also mean more opportunities to collect rewards.

The pay table will vary per game, so it is always important to review this so that players know what combinations they need for the best wins. The pay table will also describe the bonus rounds, and when playing video pokies, these features are always important to understand. I hope this guide has helped you learn ways to incresae your chances and how to beat the pokies. Good luck.

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