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Learn how to win on the pokiesHow to win on the pokies is one of the biggest questions you will get among gamblers. It’s a tough question to answer honestly, but not impossible. The answer can be sometimes different depending on the person who is asking it. Some players will have tendencies that others do not. The real answer lies within you sometimes.

This isn’t meant to be some spiritual guide with a Zen like approach, but in reality, some players just approach pokies the wrong way. If you’re looking for answers on winning pokies, or some hot tips to on how to win on the pokies, this article is for you. We will cover all areas of how to win at pokies.

Please remember that all slot games are set to return a certain percentage of what goes into them. Often when you hit your lucky streak will simply be that you're on a machine that was previously pumped with money.

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Keeping your eyes open

This only applies to land based pokies, games in bars, casinos, casinos etc. So the main thing to look out for is for the linked jackpots. All progressive jackpots must be won by a certain amount.  Usually $1000 in bars (casinos are typically much higher).  So if you get to a bar and the Jackpot is at $960 it's going to be won very soon.  This is a perfect time to play.

However I usually get good wins just after a jackpot has gone.  I will try and keep an eye on the machines that are getting pumped just before the jackpot goes.  Most people will leave as soon as the jackpot in won….If this is the case go for the games that are cashed up, but haven't had much withdrawn from them.

Selecting the best machine

I find most games from Aristocrat get pumped pretty hard.  Queen of the Nile, Golden pyramids, Lucky 88, Where's the Gold, get the most action.  Some of these games are a bit tight.  I always find Show me the Money & Mr Cashman very tight, so they pay small amounts, but more often…However Where's the Gold is a bit loose, so it can have bigger wins but less often.  Then Dolphins Treasure is somewhere in the middle.

Not all games are the same from casino to casino however.  When the games are ordered they are usually set with their payout percentage so you might have to experiment a little with machines in your area.

If you're playing online, usually a loose game will be the same from casino to casino.  I tend to find Microgaming to have a slightly more loose machine that most playtech games…If you're unfamiliar with the difference dont worry too much these are just different providers of gaming software.

How to win on the pokies – Bankroll management

Stated above, we mentioned that some players approach the games different than others. This difference in approach is usually how they use their money when playing pokies. I always recommend you play to a budget.  If you only have $40 then you're best to play on max lines, but a low amount per line….however if you have $100 to play, then you can afford to up your bet a little.

Usually the way to get the best wins are to hit a feature. So you want to try an maximize your budget so you get as many spins as possible.  No point playing for 20c per line if you can only then afford 5 spins.

While that concept is simple, it’s still one of the biggest mistakes players make when playing pokies. They will risk most of their bankroll on a spin and only leave themselves with a little left. Their hope is that one spin will pay off and they won’t have to worry about it.The truth is, this will rarely happen and the more common outcome is they are left on the outside looking in. If you want to win, you need to use your brain a little.

A more methodical and smart approach usually wins at the end of the day

**if you're playing online use your deposit bonus to increase your chances of winning…Deposit a larger amount on your first deposit so you get more bonus to play.

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This next tip on how to win on the pokies ties in with the last one. If you don’t have the patience and self-control to stick to a plan, you won’t win, plain and simple.You need to be able to resist the urge to play for money than you can afford. The ability to sit and grind will pay off big in the long run. Remember that fact!

Using a mix of patience and management, you will always make money playing pokies. But, you will give yourself the best opportunity to do so. This is all you can do when playing pokies. Would you rather have 100 chances to win, or only 20? The answer should be easy. If you answered the former, you’re ready to start playing and winning.

Remember pokies are designed to be fun.  If you think you have a greater problem please contact Gamble Aware.

Happy Spinning, I hope this help you win more!

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