Pokie Strategies

When you win it's more fun

Playing pokies is a favorite pastime for many of us.  If you're on this website I am guessing you like a few spins. We don't only play these games for fun but for the chance of winning some extra money.  However there has always been some discussion about pokie strategies and which ones work. I think it's more a case of playing what works for you.

In this guide will focus on a couple of different strategies ideas for playing pokies.  Some of these are best for online casinos where others are for playing in a casino or pub.

Jackpot Watching

So the best way to know if a big win is going to hit is by watching the jackpot size.  This only works on progressive jackpots.  Progressive jackpots are the larger jackpots you will see and are always a number of linked machines.  With these jackpots a small amount from each bet goes towards the progressive jackpot.  The progressive jackpot are programmed to be won between a certain amount….for example between $800-$1000.

So if the jackpot is at $960 and it has to be won by $1000 it's not far away from being won. So best to get in there and start playing for it.

**another idea here is to watch other players around you that are also going for the jackpot.  Watch what the deposit, watch what they withdraw.  A lot of players will clear out if someone wins the jackpot.  If you have seen someone pump a machine and withdraw nothing chances are you can get in on that machine and grab some medium size wins. Also check our guide on How to win on the Pokies

Payout Percentages

The best thing you can do and should always be doing is picking machines with higher pay out percentages. Not all pokies will pay out at the same rate and some will be much better than others. When you play online, you can find pay out percentages on the casinos site, generally, a 96% or higher pay out rate is acceptable. Anything less, and you should avoid playing……(this is why we suggest playing online games as they have a higher payout rate.  Some land based pokies can be as low as 70% payout, even lower on the “fruit machines in the UK”) Most casinos will have their slots set to payout at 80-85%. It's impossible to know what they are set to, but if you know a lucky machine it pays to stick with it.

Free pokie strategy

Yes, playing pokies for free is actually a good strategy to use. You will risk no money of your own to try out new ways to play pokies. If you have a hot tip or strategy that you read elsewhere, always try it out using free pokies before playing with your hard earned money.

Play the max

Playing the maximum lines,  is the best thing you can do when it comes to playing pokies. This will ensure that you always win the maximum pay out on every spin. It will also make you eligible for the jackpots and free spin features.
Some machines will not pay out the jackpot if you aren’t using the maximum lines.  As for bets per line this is down to your bank roll.  Just go with what you can afford.

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