Over the years, pokies have evolved to become the most attractive casino games now offered. There have been three periods of these games, which include the Mechanical era, electromechanical era and Computer Era. The very first mechanical pokie was invented back in 1895 and was offered in the US. The game was called Liberty Bell and was a traditional three reel pokie game with 10 symbols. This kicked off the popularity of pokies and soon, more games were invented and offered to players.

Pokie machines then became electromechanical. The overall principal of the game remained unchanged, but the machines were more appealing visually and were played with electric motors instead of mechanical springs. This also lead to the increase of the number of reels and symbols that were being offered with such games.

Modern pokie machines are computerised and these are what we all know today. With the latest pokies, players enjoy computerised action, enhanced graphics and animations, amazing numbers of paylines and winning combinations and some of the best game features ever offered. These pokie games are controlled by random number generators, which will ensure fair chances for every player to collect winnings.

No matter what type of pokie is played, players these days will have access to only the modern pokie games. These games are by far the most popular in land and online casinos and there are hundreds of titles that are available. As new games are developed, leading software providers introduce new and unique features, such as Tumbling and Avalanching Reels, Ways to win structures, enhanced bonus rounds and even 3D presentations.

As pokies have evolved over the years, so have players, and those that access these games now are looking for the most action and the best chances to win. This will come from playing video pokies, which offer multiple paylines, great animations, amazing themes and some of the most rewarding bonus features available.

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