The pokie machines that are fond at land and online casinos offer some great features that can help any real money player boost the amount they win on the game. Aside from standard wining combinations, scatter rewards and bonus payouts, there is another way to increase the overall win amount, and that is by making use of the gamble feature that is found on most pokie games. This feature is a great way to boost small payouts and collect more from the game, but it should be used with caution when players have collected larger wins.

After a winning combination is created on a pokie with the gamble feature, players can risk the amount that has been won and try to double or quadruple the payouts. This is done with a simple card game. Players will try to guess the correct colour of a card that will be displayed and a correct guess will double the payout. If players can successfully guess the suit of the card, they will enjoy a 4x payout on the original win. However, any incorrect guesses will cost the amount of the win, so this option should be used sparingly and should never be used with large win amounts.

Many of the latest pokie games will allow players to use the gamble feature multiple times, some as many as 5 times. This can greatly increase the win amount and offer players a nice way to enjoy higher game payouts. The gamble feature is one that is found with many of the video pokie games that are provided at online casinos.

Players who like to take risks will appreciate this feature, though it may not be a good choice for all players. Those that have small bankrolls and wish to preserve their money may not risk losing anything that has been won from a game. Even though there is the chance to lose, there are great possibilities to double and quadruple payouts, so this feature is one that is often used by experienced players and those with decent sized bankrolls.

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