How to tell if a pokie machine is going to payI am often asked by friends “How to Tell if a Pokie Machine is Going to Pay?” After finding a few theories online, I discussed the matter with an industry expert who used to work for the biggest slot manufacturing company in Australia. Here is what he said when I asked him the question “How to Tell if a Pokie Machine is Going to Pay”. When playing pokie games at an online casino it's important to know when a pokie will pay, players will be looking for the games that offer the best possible payouts. Unfortunately, since these games are all controlled by a computer and use Random Number Generators, there is no true way to determine “How to Tell if a Pokie Machine is Going to Pay”. However, there are some things that players can look for when they are choosing games that will increase their overall chances of becoming a winner on the game.

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All pokie games that are found in online casinos have payout percentages. This is a percentage that tells players how often the game will offer payouts and what they can expect from the returns. Typically, games that have the highest RTP, which are often more than 95%, will offer the best overall returns, but this is not always the case. The volatility of the game is equally important. In many cases, pokies that have a high RTP will be a low variance game. This means that though players will enjoy frequent payouts, they will be for small amounts. Online Pokies can offer much high RTP rates. For example land based pokies/slots are set around 75-85% where as online games are typically around 95-98%. So it's less of being able to tell “how to know when a pokie machine will pay out” as to knowing the odds on your return. If you play high odd return you're more likely to win more money and play for longer.

The RTP of a game will determine how much players can win over a period of time. For example, if a game has an RTP of 98%, the expected return os $98 for every $100 bet. While these payouts will not come all at once, the number does provide a good way for players to find games that will offer more chances at winning.

Players need to be aware of jackpot games. While these can present the chance to win handsome payouts, the base game rewards are usually lower than with games without jackpots. Players who are looking for frequent, but small or mid level wins will be better off choosing games that are not linked to any progressive jackpots.

Playing pokies is a risk and these are games of chance. Online casinos do offer players better chances of winning than land casinos, but in short, there is no way to ever predict when any game will be a winner and offer payouts. Try to choose games with the highest possible RTP and watch for those that have multiple bonus rounds as these can offer some of the best payouts from the game.

3 Biggest tips for “How to Tell if a Pokie Machine is Going to Pay: 

Tip 1. Play in bars with linked progressive jackpots. Look at the Jackpot and it will say “Must be won between $600-$1200” or something like that it may be higher in big casinos. Play when it's close to the highest amount, in this case around $1150 as it's about to be won. It must pay by the time it reached $1200 so you're in with a good chance!

Tip 2. This is related to the above. While you're playing towards the jackpot, other players are doing the same thing. Keep an eye on who has been betting hard and on which machines. Look to see if they have are withdrawing anything. Usually when someone wins the progressive jackpot people stop betting. This means the machines are loaded with money and I find good medium size wins always follows are a jackpot has been won.

Tip 3. This is my favourite. Get friendly with the bar tender. They can look at what machines have recently had a big payout. They also know if the coin hopper has been cleared out. They may also know if someone was betting big into a machine recently and it didn't have a good payout. It's not a surefire way but it will give you an advantage. Some of my favourite places to play just have 1 or 2 bar tenders that work there so it's easy to get to know them.


So there are a few different tips on “How to know when a pokie machine will pay out”. As slot machines are set to pay a certain way there are no surefire ways to tell, however there are sneaky little tricks you can employ to ensure you're playing on the best machine and the one that is pumped with cash. You might discover your own techniques on how to know when a pokie will pay. If you do please share it with us.

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