How to Play Online Pokie TournamentsOnline pokie tournaments can provide an amazing way for players to enjoy their favorite games and to have the chance to win stunning prizes from the prize pool offered. These events are competitions between other registered players. There are some pokie tournaments that can be played for free, but if players are looking for large rewards, they will have to pay a small buy in fee. Here, we discuss how players can get in on the action and start winning great payouts from fun events online.

Buying In

When playing in a buy in pokie tournament the amount of the entry fee can vary. Some are mall amounts and others will cost more if they are offering larger rewards or entries to larger pokie events. After players pay this entry fee, they will be provided with a set number of spins that will be played on a selected game. All players in the tournament will have the same number of spins and will be playing the same game.

During the tournament, the auto play features are disabled, so players will have to spin every time. The goal is to collect the most number of credits through base game and bonus payouts so that players land in a position on the leaderboard where they can collect a cash payout.

Freeroll Tournaments

Some players will not want to pay any money to take part, which is why a number of online casinos offer freeroll events. With these, players just have to have a registered account at the online casino and they can enter these tourneys at any time. They are often run multiple times per day.

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With freeplay tournaments, players will again start with the same number of credits on the same game. These events work just like a buy in tournament, though the overall payouts are smaller. Since players are not paying to play, the casino has a set prize pool that is distributed. Even though the rewards are lower than with other events, freeroll tournaments are great for casual players or those that do not wish to take any financial risk.

Tips to Win Tournaments

When players make the decision to take part in a pokie tournament, there are some things they can do to help them have better chances of placing on the leaderboard. The first is to watch for satellite events. These are tournaments that are often costly to enter, but they have other events attached. Winners will earn seats in larger and higher paying tournaments. By entering satellite tournaments, players will have a great opportunity to gain a low cost entry to some of the world’s highest paying tournaments online.

Another tip is to play events where an add on is an option. This will allow players to pay a small amount to receive more spins or additional time in the event. With this option, players can increase their scores and have a much better chance at winning.

When playing games with bonus options, always choose the bonus that is played the fastest. Since there is limited time in many pokie tournaments, players will want bonus rounds to go quickly and offer the highest possible payouts.

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